There are just three letters D-A-D, but when those three letters are put together, they mean so much to children. By the way, that includes those who’s father lives in the home and those whose fathers are not present in their lives. And it also includes children of every age….all the way to adulthood, children long for approval and guidance from their father.

You see, Dads are desperately needed in every child’s life.

  • Every child needs to know their dad loves them.
  • Every child needs the moral and spiritual direction from their dad.
  • Every child needs self-identification that they receive from their dad.

I believe one of the greatest statements and examples of this was by our Heavenly Father, when He said this about His Son Jesus at His Baptism:

“This is my Son, whom I love, with Him I am well pleased.”

Dads, please do not ever underestimate how much you matter and are needed by your children. I have said many times to many men, you only have one opportunity to be a Dad in your child’s life at their particular age. Please don’t waste it. Enjoy that time and see that time as a precious gift from God. Your work will wait for another day, a game of golf will be there later in your life, that hunting or fishing trip will still be available later, but your child will only be their current age….today. Be in his or her life while you can.

One last thought…. I also would remind us that none of us are perfect but we certainly can be forgiven. You may feel that you have blown it as a dad so far, but through the Heavenly Father’s forgiveness and guidance you can begin again and be renewed as a dad this very day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of our Dads. May you be the man, the father, the DAD that your children need every day for the rest of their lives!

Remember, Jesus Love You and So Do I!

Pastor Jeff