Well, I don’t know about you, but for Kelly and I June came and went as quick as a wink!  It seems that we were just starting the summer in early June and now we are already beginning the month of July.  June was such a busy month!!  High School Graduation, VBS, the Southern Baptist Convention, and Mission Serve all occurred in the last 30 days.  Add on top of that, families also have swim lessons, baseball, soccer, and summer vacations all also being penciled onto their calendars.  It seems these days that we are all just plain busy!!

But, you know, too much busy-ness can present a problem.  I have heard some quote the phrase that “Being too busy is being Under Satan’s Yoke.” I might agree, especially if we don’t keep our priorities in check.  Busy-ness is a problem when we fill our lives with things that distract us from God. Busy-ness becomes a problem when we use it as an excuse to neglect Family, Church, Bible reading, Prayer, Friendships, and taking care of ourselves. Unfortunately, it seems that when we are too busy, we find ourselves having these important components of our life competing for our time.  And with that, we are forced to prioritize the “most important” over everything else.

This leads to a couple of questions that only you can answer for yourself. What is most important in your life? And right behind that, what must you do to make sure it’s being kept in the highest priority position?  For most, the answer to the first question should be easy: Your faith in Jesus Christ, followed closely by family. The answer to the second question is much more difficult, but it will most likely involve saying “no” to something less important that is distracting you from Christ, and His plan for your future and your family.

So, as we continue onwards in the busy-ness of summer, perhaps I can encourage you with a simple thought.  Spend more time in Prayer seeking the Lord and His Word, and do this with your family, and spend less time worrying and running from here to there. Do the things that build your faith, and quit the things that add no value to your life or the well being of your family. After all, it is Jesus that said: “Seek first His kingdom, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you as well.”

Remember, Jesus Loves You and So Do I!!

Pastor Jeff