chili and cornbread

At the end of the day, when it comes to chili, it all boils down to one simple question: Beans or no beans. When you are making a pot of chili, that answer…and its defining moment, seems to be determined by where you are from.

If you’re from Texas: NO

If you’re from elsewhere: Maybe

While the origin of chili in the United States is debated among food historians, many think it was popularized in San Antonio in the 1900s by the Chili Queens, a group of women who sold a spicy meat stew around the city’s Military Plaza. According to historians, these queens were from Mexico and would bring their chili into town, build fires on the square to keep their chili warm, and dish it out to hungry customers, who ate the bowl of goodness to their own delight. But saying all of that, it is worth noting, in South America, the term we know as “chili” is short for “chili con carne” which translates, as chilis, with meat….no mention of beans. Therefore, when you are in Texas, no beans are allowed in chili.

Whether you fall in the beans or no beans camp, chili is one of the most satisfying ways to feed a hungry crowd. Especially when served with a piece of cornbread on the side (which by the way causes another debate: Sugar or no sugar in your cornbread….but we won’t start that debate today).

One could say that the Bible is like a bowl of chili. Most of the individual ingredients are great. Some ingredients we like more than when they are in isolation. But taken together as a whole, truly it tastes wonderful. That is also true of the Bible as well. We can read a verse or two here and there, but once you have tasted the whole Word of God, wholistically as His Story, you realize the fragrance and sweetness of His Truth that He so graciously shared with us.

In Ezekiel God said to His prophet:

           And He said to me, “son of man, feed your belly, and fill your

 stomach with this scroll that I give you.” So I ate, and it was in  

 my mouth like honey in sweetness. Then He said to me: “Son of

man, go to the house of Israel and speak with My words to


(Ezekiel 3:3-4 NKJV)

As we read this, we must interpret for us, to “eat” the Word of God, means to read it, study it, pray over it, and consume the truth that is found in it. And as we do, we make it part of who we are and therefore, we can live in His Truth and share His Truth with those around us.

Take in the Word of God and let it settle into your heart and soul. It is then, that you will truly taste and see the Goodness of God.

As a reminder, our Chili Cook off which was planned for this month has been postponed. That said, please be on the lookout for this event in the near future and get your taste buds ready to enjoy a good ole bowl of chili and some cornbread.

Remember, Jesus Loves You And So Do I!

Pastor Jeff