According to the Almanac, the month of “March” is named for the Roman god of war, Mars. This is namely because in ancient Rome, March marked the start of the military campaign season where they found themselves ready to resume military campaigns previously interrupted by the winter months. 

Understanding this, and as we enter the month of March, we too can find ourselves ready to transition into “marching order” as we prepare for things ahead in the spring.  Those things could include spring-cleaning, preparing the garden, or even marching towards getting your mower ready for the summer months of lawn care.  But I would like to challenge you with another set of marching orders.  

As we look in the Bible and look for marching orders, we would find one of the earliest commands to march is found in Joshua chapter 6, where the Lord ordered Joshua to march around the city Jericho once a day for six days, but on the 7th day, march around it 7 times and the walls will come tumbling down.   

Truthfully, we all have walls in our life that are obstacles in our life.  In particular one that comes to mind are the walls that hurt our relationships with others.  Any obstacles that gets in the way of us loving one another, forgiving one another, and living a Spirit Led Christian life, is a wall that prevents us from living and loving others as the Lord intended. 

This year in the month of March, I would challenge you to march in the name of the Lord, knocking down the walls or barriers that keep you from loving and forgiving others, as you should.  As the hymn sings, “Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to war.  With the cross of Jesus, going on before!”   Come Church Family….this month, March in the name of the Lord, knocking down those walls that are trying to surround us!

 Remember, Jesus Loves You and So Do I!!

 Pastor Jeff