You Are Invited to Join us in person for worship


Covid-19 Precautions 

We have the appropriate safeguards in place. 

Designated mask-only sections with secure entrance and exit

Social Distance seating

Hand sanitizer stations

Temperature checks


Attendees are requested to keep appropriate social distances, including:

  • 6 feet in between seating groups as you enter into the building
  • 6 feet in between groups, linear on each pew
  • Seating will also only be allowed on every other pew to allow 6 foot clearance between rows

Each person is requested to use hand sanitizer as they enter the sanctuary

Deacons will act as ushers and request:

  • Seating will be grouped into family households or those that have been in close contact with one another
  • Please enter the church with the group you plan to sit with
  • Please note that you may not be able to sit in your normal seat

Exiting will also be in an similar controlled manner, guided by the Deacons


The Sanctuary is sanitized prior to and after each service to ensure a clean and safe environment

• Pews are wiped down and sanitized after each service

• The pulpit is wiped down following each service

• Offering plates are cleaned after each use

NOTE: All Hymnals, Bibles, offering envelopes, pencils have been removed from the Sanctuary


Offerings and the Lord's Supper

Offerings and the Lord’s Supper will be coordinated by the Deacons

  • Only Deacons will touch the offering plates or elements of the (prepackaged) Lord’s Supper
  • Deacons will use empty rows (pews) as a means to collect offering from individuals

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